Upcoming CMBES Webinar

Hospital Patient Monitoring - Exploring New Business Models

Please join us on September 28th 2022 at 12:00pm EST

Presenter: Jaime Osborn, Global Leader of Philips Enterprise Monitoring as a Service

As Patient Monitoring systems become more complex, more reliant on complex software and IT ecosystems, and more integrated into hospital information systems, the importance of keeping systems up to date and compatible with related hospital infrastructure becomes more and more urgent. In recent years, organizations and individuals alike have dramatically increased their adoption of subscription-based services over the owning of fixed, aging assets. "As a service" and subscription offers are present in nearly all corners of the economy - including now in healthcare. 

In this presentation, Jaime Osborn, will cover key as a service concepts, the pros and cons, and share examples of how as a service offers are benefiting healthcare organizations - clinically, operationally, and financially. This new business model in Patient Monitoring will be built around helping health systems achieve specific business outcomes. It is not just a different way for customers to purchase, it is a different way for companies to do business. In essence, the mindset shifts from "Purchase, Install, Fix, Refresh" to "Subscribe, Adopt, Optimize, Outcomes." At the end of the presentation, you will be able to envision how alternative models, such as moving from Capital to Operational consumption and "as a service" based models (not set up as a lease, but true service) is what is needed to meet long-term Patient Monitoring needs.

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