Conference Organizing Committee

We are happy to introduce our conference organizing committee and subcommittees. 

The Chair and Treasurer 

Conference Organizing Committee, Chair
Murat Firat 
Manager of Biomedical Engineering,  Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

Tim Wu
Clinical Engineer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center 

Keynote Program

Keynote Program, Chair 
Mario Ramirez 
Clinical Engineering Consultant                                                     

The Academic Committee

Academic Committee, Co-Chair 
Jan Andrysek 
Scientist, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Associate Professor, University of Toronto 
Acamedic Committee, Co-Chair 
Azadeh Yadollahi 
Senior Scientist, KITE, UHN 
Associate Professor, University of Toronto 
Chair of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Committee, UHN
Adjunct Faculty, University of Manitoba a   
  • Aliaa Gouda 
  • Atousa Assadi 
  • Sebastion Silva 
  • Fatemeh Bagheri

The Clinical Engineering Committee

Clinical Engineering Committee, Co-Chair 
Jean Ngoie 
Head of Instrumentation & Clinical Engineering, CHEO                                             
Clinical Engineering Committe, Co-Chair 
Adeel Alam
Manager of Biomedical Engineering, Sinai Health 
  • Mario Ramirez 
  • Bill Gentles, BT Medical Technology Consulting 
  • Maisha Chowdury, Sinai Health 

The Continuing Education Committee

Continuing Education Committee, Co-Chair 
Parisa Bahrami 
Director of Biomedical Engineering, London Health Sciences Center               
Continuing Education Committee, Co-Chair 
Nima Esmelizadeh 
Manager of Biomedical Engineering, Sinai Health 
  • Milad Mosabebi, UHN 
  • Mohammad Amin Chalabi, Sick Kids 
  • Kamallesh Canjimavadivel, Mount Sinai Hospital 
  • Aimee Riggs, CHEO 
  • Erica Buehlow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

The Exhibits and Sponsorship Committee

Exhibits and Sponsorship Commiitte, Co-Chair 
Peter Austin 
Owner, PA Solutions                                                                                                                 
Exhibits and Sponsorship Committee, Co-Chair 
Frank Gigliotti 
Manager of Biomedical Engineering, Niagara Health 
  • Kritananda (Krita) Teeluckdharry, Trillium Health Partners 
  • Muatassem Allababidi, Trillium Health Partners
  • Leena Manger, Trillium Health Partners

The Local Arrangements Committee

Local Arrangements Committee, Co-Chair 
Devika Jain 
Clinical Engineer and Manager, UHN                                                     
Local Arrangements Committee, Co-Chair 
Sarah Bruch 
Clinical Engineer, Sick Kids 
  • Becky Ng, Mount Sinai Hospital 
  • Garry Paul, Sick Kids 
  • Kenny Yeh, Sick Kids 
  • Anamaria Lovera, Sick Kids 
  • Sonja Pejcic, UHN

The Medical Device Industry & Innovation Committee

Medical Device Industry & Innovation Committee, Co-Chair
Jonathan Schmid
Canadian Business Manager, ECRI                                                    
Medical Device Industry & Innovation Committee, Co-Chair 
Kent Brunen 
Canadian Market Director, ECRI 

The Publicity Committee

Publicity Committee, Co-Chair 
Ishtar Al-Tahir 
Clinical Engineer-in-training, CHEO                                                           

Publicity Committee, Co-Chair 
Liane Ladouceur 
Clinical Engineer, Toronto General Hospital 

Website Support

  • Kelly Kobe, AHS 
  • Anikke Rioux, CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre 

Registration and Secretariat 

  • Registration Coordinator: Stephen Chan, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center 
  • Secretariat: Robin Baldwin, The Willow Group
  • Secretariat: Wanda Byron, The Willow Group

Student Coordinators and Volunteers

  • Student Coordinator: Sebastion Silva, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Student Coordinator: Fatemeh Bagheri, University of Toronto
  • Student Volunteer: Mahwish Khan, Bloorview Research Institute
  • Student Volunteer: Sara Alatrash, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Student Volunteer: Aliaa Gouda, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Student Volunteer: Norna Abbo,  Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Association Executives 

CESO, President 
Bill Gentles
Clinical Engineering Consultant, BT Medical Technology Consulting                       
CESO, President Elect 
Dave Gretzinger 
Director of Medical Engineering, Sick Kids 
CMBES, President 
Murray Rice 
Manager of Clinical Engineering, UHN & Sinai Health System
Sarah Kelso 
Regional Clinical Engineer, Shared Health Manitoba