Fundraising Project

The Tools For Techs Fundraising Project to Support Biomeds in Low Resource Countries

Some studies have shown that 40-60% of medical equipment in low resource countries is out of service. This situation leads to a degradation of patient care. Many of the problems that keep this equipment from being used are minor, and could be corrected if the staff responsible for maintaining the equipment had the proper tools and test equipment.

The Canadian Medical & Biological Engineering Society (CMBES) started this project with some seed funding, and has bought some tools for a few engineers and technicians. You can see their stories on the fundraising campaign website.

We are asking you to consider making a small donation to support this campaign. Because CMBES is a non-profit organization, but not a charity, we can't give charitable receipts. That is why we are only asking for small donations in this phase of the project.

Here is the link to the  fundraising website, where you will find more information on the project.