Individual Membership Categories

Full Member

Membership is open to all persons who are graduates of a university or technical program relating to some aspect of biomedical engineering in its broadest sense participating in the field of medical and biological engineering. This rank entitles the member to all basic privileges and responsibilities in the Society, including voting and holding executive office.

Associate Member

Shall be open to individuals who are in non-managerial and non-supervisory roles in healthcare or the medical device industry. Applicants must be a user or repairer of medical equipment or an IT professional. This membership category is also open to individuals living outside of Canada and those members who are unemployed or are on unpaid leave from their regular employment or studies (e.g. family leave). Associate members shall retain voting privileges, but shall not hold office in the Executive.

Student Member

A student member must carry at least 50% of a normal full time academic program as a registered undergraduate or graduate student in a regular course of study in a discipline related to biomedical engineering. Typical programs would be those in mechanical and electrical engineering, medicine, kinesiology, engineering technology or related arts and science programs. Doctoral fellows who are part students/part working are also eligible for this category of membership.

Retired Member

Individuals who have retired from active participation in the work force may apply for the status of Retired Member. Retired members will pay a reduced fee and shall retain voting privileges, but shall not hold office in the Executive.

Group Membership Plans

Groups may also arrange membership of multiple individuals through a group membership plan.

Corporate Membership Plan

The Corporate Membership Plan is available to any organization in the public or private sector. Members listed under a corporate membership shall have the same privileges and responsibilities as ordinary/full members. Hospital groups and company groups may obtain a corporate membership by paying for two or more members or at a pre-determined discount.

Student Institutional Membership Plan

Universities may apply to have an Institutional Membership to cover their biomedical engineering students. They must pay for at least 2 students to receive the discounted rate. The institution may apply the member rate for registrations to the annual conference for their students.

Membership Fees

Current Annual membership fees:

  • Full Member: $130
  • Associate Member: $45
  • Student Member: $35
  • Retired Member: $35
  • Corporate Membership Plan:
    2-5 members: $120 each
    6-9 members: $110 each
    10-19 members: $100 each
    20-29 members: $90 each
  • Student Institutional Membership Plan:
    Minimum 2 students: $30 each