Special Membership

CMBES Awards and Executive Committees can also confer the following three (3) special membership categories on deserving individuals:

Fellowship Member

This may be conferred on members who upon recommendation by the Awards Committee are deemed to have rendered outstanding service to medical and biological engineering in one of the fields of organization, practice, development or research. Fellows shall pay the same fees as Members and shall also have the same privileges and responsibilities. Any member can bring potential candidates for Fellowship to the attention of the Awards Committee. Fellows, upon retirement shall be exempt from fees, but will retain their privileges in the Society.

Emeritus Member

This may be conferred by the Executive upon the recommendation of the Awards Committee, to Members who have contributed to, but are no longer active in medical and biomedical engineering. Emeritus Members shall not pay Membership fees nor be voting members. A member may decline this Emeritus standing.

Honorary Member

This membership may be conferred by the Awards Committee, to those individuals, not Members or Fellows of the Society, who have contributed to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Society or who have performed special services for the Society. Honorary Members shall not pay fees, nor be voting members.