Upcoming CMBES Webinar

Opportunities for CMBES within the Evolving Global Clinical Engineering Field

Join us on November 15th 2022 at 12:00pm EST

Presenters: Shauna Mullally (Canada), Saide Calil (Brazil), Yadin David (USA)

Overview: Judged by level of professional international collaboration, Clinical Engineering prefession is growing, especially since the devastation from COVID-19 pandemic, and became to more clearly associated with critical role models of problems solver at the point-of-care around the world. Global Clinical Engineering Alliance ( www.GlobalCEA.org) has been a trusted leader providing unique stage for clinical engineering practitioners to network with experts, exchange best practice methodologies, and deliver needed education programs. This presentation will describe opportunities for CMBES members to join various activities that support further evolution of the Clinical Engineering community, as well as to express ideas for action you are willing to support. This will include multi language development programs, virtual training, professional credentialing, and better understanding of the unique functionof the GCEA HTF Foundation. This will be an exchange rather than one way presentation. Please join us and come prepare to engage and participate in directing our joint future. 

Cost: Free for both CMBES members and non-members, although you will need to create a free CMBES account if you don't already have one to register. 

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