Upcoming CMBES Webinar

Right to Repair in the USA: Past, Present and Future

Please join us on October 25th 2022 at 12:00pm EST

Presenters: Kevin O'Reilly and Binseng Wang

Overview: PART 1: Users of equipment ranging from tablets to tractors to ventilators can't fix their stuff because of manufacturer-imposed restrictions on repair. We've helped build the Right to Repair movement to address these problems by channeling the frustrations of Biomeds, fixers, small business owners, farmers, environmentalists and more into concrete legislative change. In this session, we'll look at the problems of planned obsolescence, the solution that Right to Repair provides and the ways that we've started to win this fight.

PART 2: In the last decade, medical device manufacturers (OEM's) have becoming increasingly less cooperative with in the provision of service training, service documentation, technical support, proprietary parts, and repair equipment, thus severely limiting healthcare organizations' ability to provide prompt and safe care to their patients. CE professionals are joining service professionals in other fields (e.g., automotive, farming equipment and consumer products) to seek a solution that is critical to the public and the environment.    

Cost: Free for both CMBES members and non-members, although you will need to create a free CMBES account if you don't already have one to register.

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