June CMBES Webinar

Joint CESO-CMBES Webinar - June 13th, 2022 - 12:00 ET - "CE-IT Relations"

Presenters: Elliot Sloane, Timothy Zakutney, Samantha Herold, and Joseph Ouellette

25-years of milestones, influences, impediments, and risks CEs have faced and overcome to integrate clinical and information technologies will be discussed. Innovations precipitated by COVID-19, including telehealth, telemedicine, AI/ML, and virtual hospitals, and emerging breakthroughs like semi- and fully-autonomous medical devices, will be highlighted. This history will be contextualized with surging cyberthreats, closed proprietary technology silos, "valley of death" cycles of hype and technology adoption, critical user-centric support for clinicians/laypersons, challenges of System of Systems Engineering for interdependent systems, and rapidly growing needs and opportunities for CEs to learn, understand, and master the culture, language, demands, limitations, and technical tools of digital health. 

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