CMBES Peer Review - 2023 Pre-Survey Questionnaire

CMBES has recently released an updated Pre-survey questionnaire (PSQ), marking a significant milestone. In light of this, the peer review committee invites professionals to actively participate in the peer review process. This involvement not only enhances the quality and safety of medical equipment but also contributes to improved patient outcomes and exceptional healthcare experiences.

A copy of the Pre-Survey Questionnaire is available to CMBES members by logging their account and looking under available Publications through this link.

2023 Pre-Survey Questionnaire

Clinical engineering peer review is crucial, shedding light on the often-unnoticed efforts of individuals managing medical equipment. It serves as a valuable mechanism for hospital administrators and senior managers, showcasing the vital role these professionals play in successful clinical interventions.

Peer review ensures the highest standards of Clinical Engineering service excellence. By empowering experts and peers to evaluate medical equipment and technology management processes, reviewers can pinpoint potential issues and areas for enhancement. Additionally, they have the opportunity to gain insights from your established best practices, enriching their own services upon their return to their respective departments. This collaborative approach not only ensures continuous improvement but also fosters a culture of excellence within the field.   Peer review introduces a sense of accountability within the clinical engineering community. By adhering to rigorous standards of practice and collaborating on solutions, we optimize medical devices and technology performance, elevating the overall quality of healthcare services and prepare for a successful path to Accreditation Canada process. Ultimately, active participation in peer review is not just a responsibility—it is a fundamental step toward enhancing healthcare quality, making it the right choice for all involved.

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