Upcoming CMBES Webinar

A Survivor's Guide to Biomed's Spectrum Management and EMC Control in Hospitals

Join us on April 19th at 12:00pm EST.

The exponential proliferation of wireless devices in our hospitals means that spectrum management is even more important than ever. Biomedical Engineering has a key role to play in managing the spectrum in its hospitals. Indeed, spectrum management and electromagnetic compatibility / electromagnetic interference (EMC/EMI) has its own section in the CMBES Biomedical Engineering Standards of Practice. Recall that Accreditation Canada bases a number of its evaluation criteria on this SOP so, EMC is expected to be managed in a concerted manner. 

Thankfully, with a little bit of care in setting up control and tracking protocols as well as a quick primer (or a refresher!) on some key information sources, you are well on your way to meeting your spectrum management and EMC control responsibilities. I’ll share with you some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over my 24yrs practicing Biomedical Engineering since graduating from the Electrical and Computing Engineering undergrad and Master’s programs from UNB. I’ll also share a few great ideas that I’ve heard other groups across Canada are using and which I’ll be looking to adopt into our own program. This will not be a lecture on deriving Maxwell’s Equations; that’s the realm of the E3 engineer. I will go over the key maths required, but really, this is intended to be a very practical webinar to help you immediately in your work supporting your hospital. My goal is to provide you some tools and a few ideas on how you might adapt your current EMC programs to address the current and coming wireless challenges even better.

Speaker: Michael Barton, MScE, P.Eng., Clinical Engineer, Nova Scotia Health Central Zone

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