CMBES Webinar - Woman, Life, Freedom - Woman in STEM: Stories of struggles, power and achievement

Women's Diverse Voices in STEM

A CMBES 3 Webinar series special in March 2023 

Sponsored by WiMBE IFMBE 

Join us on March 28th 2023 at 12:00pm EST

Presenters: Professor Yasmine Abtahi

Overview: Women around the world are constantly fighting , to date, for their rights and dignity. This is specifically true for Women in STEM. In this presentation, Professor Yasmine Abtahi speaks about challenges, struggles and success of STEM women, in Iran. Dr. Abtahi exemplifies the power of Iranian women, in their current uprising "Women, Life, Freedom" (Femme, Vie, Liberte) that erupted all over Iran and around the world. This the first women-led revolution in the recent history is a symbol of power, resistance and a potent symbol for women in Iran. For over 40 years, Iranian women have been forced to follow oppressive laws with severe and deadly punishments if disobeyed. Hence, despite (of because of) the deadly oppression, they are flourishing. This Presentation signifies parts of the stores of Women of Iran, specificity women in STEM.

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