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  • Pentax EPK-i 7010 Image Quality Issue when DVI output used
    There is a significant image degradation when the DVI output is selected to display on the monitor that is mounted on the boom in the room.
    The images appear darker.
  • Questions about Endoscope Washer
    Hi, I'm a BMET student at Durham College and I am currently doing a project on endoscope washers and just need a few questions about them to be answered ...
  • Transfer of responsibilities?
    Bracco Injeneering™ is reviewing his approach and program regarding courses provided to hospital’s Biomedical staff on Bracco’s injector.
    The big impact or challenge seems to be associated to the transfer...

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Booth # Company Name Booth # Company Name
4 Acertara 3  Zoll Medical
25 Baxter    
39 Bayer Multi Vendor Service 5  
28 BD Canada 7  
22 BOMImed 9  
23 CADTH 10  
24 Canadian Hospital Specialties Ltd. 11  
42 Cardinal Health and Mindray 13  
38 Datrend Systems Inc. 14  
45 Drager 16  
15 Fibertech Canada 17  
36 Medical Battery Corp. 18  
26 Medset Specialities Ltd. 19  
 6 Pacific Medical 20  
37 Philips Healthcare 21  
33 Prescott's Inc. 27  
8 Roxon 29  
12 Spacelabs Healthcare Inc. 30  
1 Summit Imaging 31  
46 Technical Prospects 32  
2 Umano Medical 34  




Acertara Logo

Booth # 4

Acertara Acoustic Labs is an ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 certified company providing diagnostic ultrasound test equipment and advanced probe repair to clinics, hospitals, and service organizations. Our ISO17025:2005 accredited ascoustic measurement laboratory delivers engineering services, acoustic testing and calibration services to ultrasound OEMs and regulatory bodies around the world.




Booth # 25

Baxter....... more to come.


  Bayer Logo Cross Screen

Booth # 39
Bayer Multi Vendor Service (MVS)

Bayer Multi Vendor Service (MVS) is your trusted provider for MRI coil, ultrasound transducer, CR reader and dry film printer repair. With exceptional repair capabilities, quality solutions and dedicated customer care, we provide excellent value in third-party service




Booth # 28
BD Canada

BD Canada........ more to come.



Booth # 22

BOMImed specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of airway management, anesthesia, critical care and warming therapy products. Since 1985 we have been dedicated to providing quality comprehensive solutions backed by trusted clinical expertise. Through our commitment to continued innovation, integrity and superior customer service we have firmly established ourselves as a leader in the health care industry.



CADTH logo

Booth # 23

CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments. CADTH is responsible for providing health care decision-makers with objective evidence, advice, and recommendations on the optimal use of drugs, diagnostic tests, and medical, dental, and surgical devices and procedures. For more information visit 



Canadian Hospital Specialities


Booth # 24 
Canadian Hospital Specialties 

Canadian Hospital Specialties is a national specialty distributor of medcial and interventional products with a focus on strategic partnerships to enhance the experiences of our customers. Our clinical, sales and marketing expertise, combined with our continued commitment to invest in new technologies, brings value to our partners and customers alike.


  CAH logo


Booth # 42 
Cardinal Health Canada and Mindray

Cardinal Health Canada is a healthcare solutions company, headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario with warehouse operations strategically located across Canada. The company uses its scale, experience and expertise to help healthcare providers reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies, while improving the lives of patients. Cardinal Health Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cardinal Health, Inc., a global healthcare solutions company that ranks among the top 25 on the Fortune 500. The company’s strength, scale and vision flow from four core solutions: Logistics, Products, Business, Patient. Visit us at booth # 42 and at 


Mindray is a focused, innovative, and accessible provider of technologies and solutions for patient monitoring, anesthesia, and ultrasound. It is our mission to set the standard for all others to be measured. In 2008 Mindray acquired Datascope’s patient monitoring business which offered a wide range of patient monitors in the OR, emergency care, and critical care environments for over 50 years.  With that acquisition, Mindray has become the third-largest player in the North American and global patient monitoring markets, and the third largest supplier of anesthesia systems as well.




Booth # 38
Datrend Systems Inc.

Datrend Systems Inc. is a Canadian based biomedical engineering company focused on developing and manufacturing leading edge biomedical instruments and devices for hospitals, clinics and medical equipment manufacturers. Datrend subscribes to the regulatory standards of CSA, UL, and the EU. Products are designed and manufactured following the quality system principles of ISO9001:1994 and FDA QSR/cGMP. Additionally, Datrend's Quality System is registered to ISO13485:2003. Datrend products are widely known for quality, innovation and value. We regularly offer enhancements to existing testing devices and develop new products for an ever-changing environment.



Booth # 45
Draeger Medical Canada Inc.

Dräger is an international leader in the field of medical technology. The family-owned company was founded in Lübeck, Germany, in 1889. Over the past five generations, Dräger has evolved into a publicly traded, worldwide group. "Technology for Life" is the guilding philosophy. Whether in the operating room, in intensive care or emergency response services, Dräger products protect, support and save lives. Dräger offers it's customers anaesthesia workstations, ventilation, patient monitoring as well as neonatal care for premature babies and newborns. With ceiling supply units and IT solutions for the OR the company is at the customer's side throughout the hospital.






Booth # 15
Fibertech Canada

Fibertech Canada........ more to come..


 Medical Battery logo 2


Booth # 36
The Medical Battery Corp.

The Medical Battery Corp is a Canadian owned company that was founded in 2003. We have office and warehouse distribution locations in Winnipeg and Ottawa. As our name implies, The Medical Battery Corporation is all about medical batteries. From vital sign monitors and transport incubators to defibrillators and infusion pumps, we stock power sources for virtually every make and model of medical equipment. We are your single source for reliable medical batteries.


  Medset Logo



Booth # 26
Medset Specialities Ltd.

Medset is a Canadian company based in Ontario and is a distributor of specialty hospital products to all twelve regions. Established in 1991 and federally incorporated, the company focuses on:

  • Ultrasound transducer repairs
  • Biomedical test equipment
  • Fetal monitor transducer repairs
  • Patient monitor accessories
  • Specialty batteries, custom packs & SLA
  • Specialty bulbs for medical applications
  • Repair programs for IV Pumps and fetal monitor transducers


  Pacific Medical


Booth # 6
Pacific Medical

Twenty years ago there were very few medical device repair companies. Today it's no secret the market has seen significant growth. Pacific Medical started in a garage and grew to the thriving company it is today worth an impressive 49% growth in one year. Pacific Medical is run on trust and a good strong team. The company provides hospitals and surgery centres worldwide a reliable source for repair and refurbishment pf patient monitoring equipment and more. Its full service repair depot houses numerous certified engineers working with the latest technology to ensure each piece of equipment is ready for patient use. With an enormous inventory of recertified equipment for sale along with OEM compatible accessories from all manufacturers, the company continues to focus on consistency and quality.




Booth # 37
Philips Healthcare

Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people's lives across the health continuum - from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Applying advanced technologies, and deep clinical and consumer insights, Philips delivers integrated solutions that improve people's health and enable better outcomes. Partnering with its customers, Philips seeks to transform how healthcare is delivered and experienced. The company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care.




Booth # 33
Prescott's Inc.

Prescott's Inc......... more to come.



Roxon logo 

Booth # 8

Roxon is dedicated to supplying specialized medical equipment to medical facilities. Pulmonary Function, Neurology, Cardiac, Bladder Scanners, Rehab, MRI equipment, etc. Our clients can count on our factory-trained technicians to offer after-sales support, and we offer a wide range of post-warranty service agreements.



Booth # 12
Spacelabs Healthcare Inc.

Spacelabs Healthcare......... more to come.




Booth # 1
Summit Imaging

Summit Imaging......... more to come.



Technical Prospects


Booth # 46
Technical Prospects

After 20 years, Technical Prospects is your ONLY alternative to Siemens Medical Imaging parts, training, and technical support. Founded by an engineer and supported by engineers to help engineers.

Parts: Your sucess depends on quality, timeliness, and support you receive from your parts provider. Technical Prospects helps you help the patient with quality new, used, and refurbished parts.

Training: The ability to maintain and repair equipment is the main focus of an engineer. We build your knowledge by offering training course taught by industry experts. Knowledge = confidence.

Support: When troubleshooting becomes time sensitive, you need an ally. Our team of engineers delivers on-demand tech support you can rely on.




Booth #2
Umano Medical

Umano Medical designs, manufactures and distributes world-class medical equipment. With valuable knowledge gained from serving the medical community worldwide for over 30 years, Umano Medical is uniquely positioned to offer hospital beds, mattresses and overbed tables that meet the highest standards. We focus on providing outstanding and complete solutions to our customers: best products backed by fantastic customer & after-sale services. Come and visit our booth #2 and see what all the excitment is about!



Booth # 3
Zoll Medical

ZOLL® Medical Corporation, a leader in medical devices and software solutions, helps hospital professionals manage, treat, and save lives while also increasing operational efficiency. With innovative products for defibrillation, circulation, pacing, temperature management, and ventilation, ZOLL provides a comprehensive set of technologies, including Real CPR Help® and See-Thru CPR®, which help improve patient outcomes. ZOLL also designs and markets software that automates the documentation and management of both clinical and non-clinical information.




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