The Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society


  • Pentax EPK-i 7010 Image Quality Issue when DVI output used
    There is a significant image degradation when the DVI output is selected to display on the monitor that is mounted on the boom in the room.
    The images appear darker.
  • Questions about Endoscope Washer
    Hi, I'm a BMET student at Durham College and I am currently doing a project on endoscope washers and just need a few questions about them to be answered ...
  • Transfer of responsibilities?
    Bracco Injeneering™ is reviewing his approach and program regarding courses provided to hospital’s Biomedical staff on Bracco’s injector.
    The big impact or challenge seems to be associated to the transfer...

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Membership Benefits



CMBES members represent the biomedical engineering community, in its broadest sense. Membership provides ongoing interaction with peers and a forum for national initiatives and professional advancement. Benefits include:

  • Reduced rates at the CMBES conference, and some international conferences;
  • Reduced rates for continuing education courses and opportunities to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs);
  • Membership in the IFMBE;
  • Preferred subscription rates to the IFMBE Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing Journal;
  • Members only access section on the website which includes: by-laws, newsletter, membership directory, list of Fellows, Emeritus, other award winners and more;
  • Discounted rate on job postings for members;
  • The Society Newsletter highlights issues of importance in health care technology, upcoming events, items of interest to our members, etc.;
  • Special rates for Workshop Proceedings, Conference Digests and the Clinical Engineering Standards of Practice.
  • Reduced membership rates with affiliated societies such as the APIBQ in Quebec

Apart from the general benefits of membership, the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (CMBES) members also have the opportunity to participate in a Group Purchase Plan. A plan has been devised, allowing you as a member to reap the benefits from a Group Purchase Plan immediately. While the savings are group based, your coverage is always individual. This plan includes key vendors who have great appeal, Staples office supplies, The Personal home and auto insurance and The Willow Design Group. Your membership can realize significant savings on items that usually are a majority of any personal purchase.

Click here for information on the vendors.


Student membership benefits 

  • Professional exposure to the health care field through seminars, tours, invited speakers;
  • Student rates for the CMBES national conference, as well as reduced rates for some international conferences;
  • Student Paper Competition held at the CMBES Conference, open only to CMBES Student Members.


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