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  • 14th International Conference on Clinical Pediatrics
    Conference series LLC is privileged to announce “14th International conference on Clinical Pediatrics” which is to be held during June 14-16, 2018 in Rome, Italy. We cordially welcome all...
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    How are other facilities managing, i.e. policies drafted, the re-use of retired medical devices, i.e., giving them to other hospitals for use or Physician's for use in their private clinics?


  • CRRT
    Is anyone using CRRT in their facility & if, so, then what manufacturer / model is employed & what is the life expectancy assigned to your particular model, i.e. are...

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CMBES International Outreach Committee

Terms of Reference (April 2012)


The objective of the Committee is to pursue and develop opportunities for CMBES members to participate in volunteer programs to support Clinical Engineering initiatives and Health Technology Management in developing countries.



The committee is an appointed committee of the CMBES executive. The chair is appointed by the executive under paragraph 1.11 of the CMBES bylaws (2009). The chair appoints members to the committee from the membership, and may appoint non-members as advisors as appropriate. Meetings are held at the call of the chair.


  1. The committee will seek on an ongoing basis to raise interest of Canadian Biomeds in doing international work and develop opportunities for CMBES members to participate in volunteer programs to support Clinical Engineering initiatives in developing countries. 

  2. The committee will work to establish mutually beneficial ongoing relationships between Biomeds in developing countries and the CMBES membership. This may include exchange visits to attend workshops or conferences to promote improved Health Technology Management.

  3. The committee will promote increasing the effectiveness of equipment donations to developing countries by educating donors about existing WHO guidelines for equipment donations, and providing support for adapting the guidelines to local contexts both in Canada and in developing countries.

  4. The committee shall research sources of funding to support its objectives. The committee shall apply for program funding from agencies that support international development. 

  5. If funding is obtained, it will be administered by CMBES, and must include an administrative component to defray the cost of CMBES administrative support. 

  6. The committee shall establish mechanisms  to offer volunteer opportunities to members on a fair, transparent and equitable basis.

  7. The committee shall report to the CMBES executive on a regular basis, not less than once every six months. 

  8. In the absence of any funding, or once all funding has been spent, the committee will continue to pursue external sources of funds, but will endeavour to minimize its impact on CMBES administrative costs.

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