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  • Pentax EPK-i 7010 Image Quality Issue when DVI output used
    There is a significant image degradation when the DVI output is selected to display on the monitor that is mounted on the boom in the room.
    The images appear darker.
  • Questions about Endoscope Washer
    Hi, I'm a BMET student at Durham College and I am currently doing a project on endoscope washers and just need a few questions about them to be answered ...
  • Transfer of responsibilities?
    Bracco Injeneering™ is reviewing his approach and program regarding courses provided to hospital’s Biomedical staff on Bracco’s injector.
    The big impact or challenge seems to be associated to the transfer...

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Certified Clinical Engineer (CCE)

Certified Biomedical Engineering Technologist/Technician (CBET(c)) (Canadian)

Certified Dialysis Technologist/Technician (cdt)

Certified Laboratory Equipment Specialist (CLES)

Certified Radiology Equipment Specialist (CRES)

Certified Healthcare Technology Manager (CHTM)  ***NEW***


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